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Yogadora is a family business, based in Belgium, that spans three generations of women. Their craft is creating unique jewelry using imported stones and beads and selling them regionally.

They reached out for a website to show off their latest offerings to their english-speaking clients, as a compliment to their primary french language website. We brainstormed to envision a practical site where they can easily display their latest handicrafts online. I then built the website on the WordPress platform so that they can easily update it anytime.


  • A landing page showing who they are, what they offer, and what makes their offerings unique.
  • A shop section displaying their latest goods for sale. The WordPress interface makes it easy for them to add or remove items to reflect their current stock.
  • A design that is refined and colorful, to match the aesthetic of their jewelry creations and catch the user's eye.

Tech Used

The website was built using web technologies WordPress, HTML, CSS3/SASS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.