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WiFi Speed Test Websites to Optimize Your Network

September 01, 2023  ⋄  3 min read

WiFi Speed Test Websites to Optimize Your Network

Is your WiFi slower than a snail in quicksand? Are videos constantly buffering? You’re not the only one suffering slow speeds. With today’s bandwidth-hungry devices, congested WiFi woes have become more common.

But you don’t have to pull your hair out over sluggish streaming and endless upload times. Some easy-to-use speed tests dig into your network’s real-world performance and help spot issues in minutes.

We’ve assembled the top 7 free WiFi speed test tools to analyze speeds, benchmark different devices, identify congestion points, and get tailored tips to optimize your network.

Stop settling for a sluggish connection and run an in-depth analysis of your WiFi’s health with these essential meters:

Speedtest - The Gold Standard for Benchmarking Bandwidth

As the most well-known speed test worldwide, Ookla’s Speedtest provides an easy yet powerful way to measure your device's real-world upload and download speeds. It also tests ping times and latency - critical for gaming, video calls, and live streaming.

Speedtest: Wi-Fi Speed Testing Tool

Run it regularly in different locations and on other devices. Speedtest makes it easy to quantify your WiFi’s performance and track it over time.

Xfinity Speed Test - Isolate Infrastructure vs. In-Home Issues

This test is tailor-made for Xfinity and Comcast customers. It directly measures the speeds provided to your modem, helping differentiate between bandwidth issues stemming from your WiFi setup vs. those caused by Xfinity’s infrastructure.

Xfinity-Speed Test

Slow results? Xfinity can remotely analyze your connection for problems. Fast speeds at the modem mean you need to optimize your in-home network.

Speedof.Me – Real-World Speeds from a Global Network

By leveraging a worldwide network of speed test servers, Speedof.me provides an accurate, real-world look at the speeds your ISP is providing. The minimalist interface makes it easy to test different devices and dig into the health of your connection.


Speedof.me is a top choice for getting simple yet telling insights into the consistency of your WiFi performance anywhere in the world.

Bandwidth Place - In-Depth Metrics for Power Users

Want robust statistics like packet loss percentage, jitter levels, and IP address data? Bandwidth Place caters to power users who want to dig into the nitty gritty details of their network’s performance.

Bandwidth Place

Efficiently run back-to-back tests to check speeds at different times of day and identify prime congestion points. Benchmark other devices on your network, too.

Internet Health Test – Get Tips to Boost Your WiFi

This unique test goes beyond measuring speed to evaluate your WiFi network's setup, configuration, and security. Based on your results, it provides tailored tips and recommendations to optimize your connection.


Assess your WiFi's " health " and learn how to boost speeds in your environment. It’s like getting a customized action plan.

SpeedSmart – Isolate Bandwidth Hogs

SpeedSmart makes it easy to test the performance of individual devices on your network. Do you have slow speeds across the board? SpeedSmart allows you to identify the WiFi hogs responsibly and quickly.


With per-device insights, you can take targeted action to curb bandwidth congestion and speed up everyone’s connection.

Fast.com – Estimate Your Netflix Streaming Experience

Leveraging Netflix’s global infrastructure, Fast.com provides a simple one-click test to estimate your real-world Netflix streaming speeds. Slow results help explain buffering and sluggish video.


It’s easy to quantify what type of streaming experience to expect before committing to a Netflix binge session.

Take Control of Your WiFi with Top-Notch Testing

Don’t settle for slower WiFi speeds another day. With the proper speed tests, you can take control of your capacity, spot issues early, and make data move.

Start optimizing your network connections today. You can benchmark performance across various locations, tests on different devices, and perform activities to diagnose problems. With these free tools, you have the power to build a faster, more robust WiFi environment.