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Websites to Increase Typing Speed

August 18, 2023  ⋄  5 min read

Websites to Increase Typing Speed

Can your fingers keep up with your thoughts? In today's digital world, fast and accurate typing is an invaluable skill for productivity and efficiency. Fortunately, a typing session on the right website can get those fingers up to speed.

We've assembled 16 top-notch sites designed by typing teachers and engineers to build speed and accuracy through practice. Read on to find the perfect web-based typing tutor for your needs.

Here are the website for the competitive typists:

If you are struggling with your typing speed, these websites will help you build a faster typing speed, helping you write faster or code efficiently.

Coderacer - Face off in coding sprints

If you want to race your coding chops against others in blazing keyboard sprints, Coderacer is for you. Select your programming language like Python, JavaScript, or C++, then recreate code snippets as quickly and accurately as possible to outpace competitors.


With leaderboards and global rankings, you can battle typists worldwide in coding competitions. Put your programming precision to the test in adrenaline-pumping coding duels.

10FastFingers - Put your diverse skills to the test 

Ready to test your skills? 10FastFingers offers an array of unique typing challenges. Compare speed in different languages like English, Spanish, French, and German. 


Take on texts ranging from inspirational quotes to programming code. Seek higher words per minute on alternate keyboard layouts like QWERTY, Dvorak, and AZERTY. With so many ways to compete, you’ll stay driven.

TypingClub - Cure those bad habits for good

Perfect your form with TypingClub. Get personalized lessons targeting your problem areas like hunched shoulders or incorrect hand alignment. 



Interactive exercises reinforce proper finger and hand placement through repetition. Say goodbye to inefficient typing and instill appropriate techniques.

How-To-Type - Build your foundations from the ground up 

How-To-Type delivers step-by-step beginner lessons for those lacking basics. Visually learn which fingers cover each key row.

How To Type

While designed for novices, the structured curriculum helps all students overcome weaknesses. Refine posture and hand and finger placement through practice.  

Keybr - Short sessions each day keep bad habits away  

With brilliant visuals and adaptive challenges, Keybr makes quick daily practice engaging. Track your statistics to monitor improvement in limited sessions.


Ztype - Targeted drills or creative passages 

Knockout quickly targeted drills on Ztype to reinforce muscle memory. Or recreate lyrics and book passages for extended creative sessions.


TypingTest - Detailed diagnostics help you improve

Use TypingTest's personalized statistics and historical data to monitor your progress. Identify weak keys holding you back through detailed analytics.


Ratatype - Pinpoint flaws through keystroke analysis

At Ratatype, heat maps and session recordings help you visualize precisely which keys slow you down. Target those weaknesses in future practice.


TypingStudy - Patience for precision

TypingStudy is a website that prioritizes the development of accuracy over speed. It offers a gradual approach to learning proper typing techniques before ramping up the pace. With TypingStudy, you will learn to type with precision and efficiency.

Typing Study

The website is designed to help you develop the patience and focus necessary to become a skilled typist. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced typist, TypingStudy can help you improve your typing skills.

Typing.io - Flawless typing for coders  

Typing.io is a website designed for coders to help them improve their typing skills. It offers programming snippets that will help you to perfect your keystrokes and improve your coding precision.


It's an ideal website to improve your typing accuracy and speed while working on programming tasks. With Typing.io, you can become a more efficient and productive coder.

Typing Academy - Ninja cats make lessons lively.

Typing Academy is a website that offers games, challenges, and lessons to help learners improve their typing skills. The website features upbeat graphics and ninja cats to make the learning experience more engaging and fun.

Typing Academy

With Typing Academy, you can learn to type faster and more accurately while having a great time.

Typing.com - Comprehensive courses for flawless form

Typing.com offers one of the most complete online typing courses available. Their structured lessons progress from beginner fundamentals to advanced techniques.


Through multi-level courses, you'll deeply learn ideal finger placement and posture. Challenging drills reinforce muscle memory for accuracy. With over 400 lessons covering all keys, Typing.com provides comprehensive training for flawless typing form.

Key Hero - Type to the beat 

For fast-paced fun, Key Hero times your typing to the beat of an upbeat soundtrack. Choose from pop, rock, or hip-hop, then race to recreate quotes before the motivational music stops accurately.

Key Hero


SpeedTyper - Simple sprints to build speed

SpeedTyper allows anyone to jump into quick typing sprints with minimal distractions. Select a test length between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, then blast through paragraphs or custom text to build speed in bite-sized sessions.

Speed Typer

With a clean interface free of ads or visual clutter, SpeedTyper lets you focus on raw typing practice when you have a spare moment. Track your WPM as you complete brisk-timed challenges.

Keymash - Unleash your inner keyboard smasher 

For some unconventional fun, see how quickly you can fill the entire screen by mashing keys randomly on Keymash. Part competition, part creative chaos - tap into your inner keyboard smasher.



TypeLit.io - Remix beloved passages  

This unique spin on practice lets you creatively rewrite book excerpts from classics at TypeLit.io. Reword sentences by filling in blanks as you recreate passages. Share your remixed version with a literary twist.


Whether seeking precision or speed, these websites make skill-building enjoyable. Match practice to your style - then watch your abilities skyrocket!

In conclusion, these websites are valuable resources for anyone looking to improve their typing speed and accuracy. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone looking to boost your keyboard skills, these platforms offer a variety of exercises, lessons, and tests to help you become a faster and more proficient typist.

By consistently practising on these websites, you can sharpen your typing abilities and enhance your overall productivity in today's digital age.