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Web Development Course Platforms

January 1, 2019  ⋄  Last updated Jan 11, 2020  ⋄  2 min read

Whether you are just teaching yourself to code or you have been programming since COBOL, it is important to keep your skills sharp. Luckily, there are no shortage of tutorials and online courses to do so. Here are some of my favorites.


Scrimba — Scrimba is an unique tutorial platform with interactive screencasts. It’s hard to explain but it is a gamechanger for mastering programming languages and learning new tech.

Egghead.io — Egghead is a course platform focused on JavaScript and taught by the best of the best. If you are diving into a new framework, library, or tool this is a great resource.

Udemy — Udemy houses an enormous trove of courses on almost every subject. If you are interested in something you can probably learn it here for a reasonable price.

Free Code Camp — A comprehensive course platform with free instruction on web design, JavaScript, front end, data visualization, APIs, and more.

Wes Bos — Wes offers premium courses for people really looking to take a deep dive into web development topics such as CSS Grid, Node, and Advanced React.

Level Up Tutorials — Level Up produces great web development tutorials with remarkable consistency. A great way to keep up with the latest tech.

Scotch.io — A platform with videos on all the latest tech. Most courses are just a few hours long so you level up your skills quickly.

Coursera — Coursera offers open online courses from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies like Google and IBM. This is a good place to learn computer science, machine learning, and other university-level topics.

CodeAcademy — CodeAcademy is a quickly growing platform for learning many coding languages through text-based puzzles.

Team Tree House — Professional courses covering anything and everything related to programming. The service costs $25 per month but is worth it for the quality instruction. Great for beginners.

Youtube — Yep, you can learn anything on Youtube. Some programming channels to check out are Traversy Media, Free Code Camp, Web Dev Simplified, Coding Tech, Derek Banas, and LevelUpTuts.