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The Ultimate List of Web Development Podcasts

February 12, 2021  ⋄  14 min read

Podcasts are a great way to stay informed about what's happening in web development.

I put this list together in an effort to organize what’s available for developers. So far it has 350+ podcasts. I will keep it updated with new shows and take off long-inactive ones. The list is not ranked. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

Learn to Code Podcasts

Learn to Code With Me AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The freeCodeCamp Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Command Line Heroes AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

CodePrep AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

CodeNewbie AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Tech Jr AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Second Career Devs AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Learn to Code in One Month AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Base.cs AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Tech Talk with Mo Sharif AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Chau Codes Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Self-Taught or Not AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Web Dev 101 AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

DevPath.fm AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Software Developer’s Journey AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Learn to Code AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Design, UI & UX Podcasts

Resourceful Designer AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Launchers AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Design Blind Date AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

User Defenders AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

New Layer AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Layout AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Deeply Graphic Designcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Design Details AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Drunken UX Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Faster Horses | A UX and UI Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Boagworld UX Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Design Much AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

UI Narrative: UI/UX Design Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Design Better Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Designed Today AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Design Life AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Digital Insights AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Daily UI/UX Inspirationals with Humphrey Pietersen AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Liftoff by Bottle Rocket AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Crazy One AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Futur with Chris Do AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

UI Breakfast: UI/UX Design and Product Strategy AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Presentable AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

I See Pixels Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Creative Pep Talk AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

UX Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Hertfordshire Web Design’s Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Design Standup AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Method Podcast from Google Design AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Opacity AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Design Notes AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

What is Wrong with UX AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Future of UX AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Mixed Methods AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

UX Globals AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Fowler Hour AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Noise - Creativity & Design AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Sprint UX Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Experience AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Honest Designers Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

UX Like Us AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

CSS Podcasts

The CSS Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

JavaScript Podcasts

Web Rush AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

JS Party AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

JavaScript Jabber AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

BxJS Weekly AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

TalkScript AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Vanilla JS Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

React Podcasts

React Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

React Roundup AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

React Delivery AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

React Native Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Vue Podcasts

The Official Vue News AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Views on Vue AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Enjoy the Vue AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Angular Podcasts

Adventures in Angular AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Angular Air AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Svelte Podcasts

Svelte Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

JAMStack Podcasts

That’s my JAMstack AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

JAMStack Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Remotely Interesting AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WordPress Podcasts

Dev Branch AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Pricing WordPress AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Women in WP AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The #PressForward Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Smart Web Creators AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WPMRR WordPress Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WP Elevation WordPress Business Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Matt Report - A WordPress Podcast for Digital Business Owners AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Kitchen Sink WordPress AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WordPress Resource: Your Website Engineer with Dustin Hartzler AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WordPress | Post Status Draft Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WP the Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WPwatercooler AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WP Builds AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Press This AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

BlogAid WordPress Tips Tuesday AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Brian on WP - A WordPress Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Do the Woo AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Elementor Talks AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

LMScast with Chris Badgett AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The WordPress Photography Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Think Like a Hacker with Wordfence AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WordPress for SMEs and High-Scale Platforms AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WordPress Plugins from A to Z AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WordPress Web Development AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WP Wednesday Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

WP-Tonic Show A WordPress Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Web Development Podcasts

Syntax.fm AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

How to Code Well AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Frontend First AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Iteration AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Undefined AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Full Stack Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Front End AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

DevMode.fm AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

HTML All The Things AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Egghead.io Developer Chats AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

ShopTalk AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

CodePen AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Script & Style AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Software Engineering Unlocked AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Drunk Web AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Engineer Soft Skills AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Soft Skills Engineering AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Simple Programmer AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Developer Tea AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Public Function AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Duck Tapes AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Toolsday AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Internet History Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

A Question of Code AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Pursuit podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Own Goals AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Ladybug Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Localhost AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Front End Happy Hour AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

DevEd AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Chats with Kent AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Modern Web AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Bet on the Web AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Does Not Compute AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Faraday Tech Cafe AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Bike Shed AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Two Black Nerds AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Learn With Us AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Fish and Scripts AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Futurice Tech Weeklies AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Rabbit Hole, the Definitive Developer’s Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Code Story AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Full Stack Panic AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Smashing Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Thunder Nerds AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Complete Developer Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Between Two Divs AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Day as a Dev AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Weekly Dev Tips AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Overflow: audible; AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Code Snippet AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Hanselminutes AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

webdev AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Strong Web AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Diff: A Podcast from Facebook Open AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Future of Coding AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

No BS Engineering AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Stack Overflow Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Write the Docs AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Running in Production AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Developing Up AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Legacy Code Rocks AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Twenty Percent Time AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

North Meets South Web Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The 6 Figure Developer Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

No Fluff Just Stuff AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Frontend Heroes AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

No Plans to Merge AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Five-Minute Geek Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

/dev/hell AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Yo! Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Tech Queens AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Front-End Web Daily AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Greater Than Code AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Developing Fatigue AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Ones and Zeros AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Friday Afternoon Deploy: A Developer Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Friday Night Deploys AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Chance the Developer Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

HTTP 203 AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Clean Coders AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Web Platform Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

No Dogma Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Amateur Hour AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Git Cute Podcast: The Software Developer Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Cynical Developer AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

DevDiscuss AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Website 101 Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Suitcase Coder: The Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Commit your Code! AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Merge Conflict AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Software Defined Talk AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Coder Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Coding Life AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Eat Sleep Code AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Rubber Duckling AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

All Hands on Tech AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

APIs you won’t Hate AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Code[ish] AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Career Chats with Swyx and Randall AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Purrfect.dev AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

DevNews AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Inspect AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

\newline AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Junior to Senior with David Guttman AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Programming AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Software Sessions AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Namespace Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Learning Curve Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Babel Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Deep Dive Dev AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

OpenHive.JS AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Loosely Coupled Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Weekly Squeak AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

To be Continuous AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Web of Tomorrow AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Software Engineering Daily AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Software Engineering Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Changelog AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Programming Throwdown AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

While True Talk AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Coding Blocks.net AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Corecursive with Adam Gordon Bell AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Polyglot Developer Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

BookBytes AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

3 Minutes with Kent AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Developer Melange AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Fragmented - The Software Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

FSJam Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Maintainable AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

O11ycast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Programming by Stealth AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Frontside Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The JetRails Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Secure Developer AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Standup AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

ThoughtWorks Technology Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Backend Podcasts

Backend Engineering with Hussein Nasser AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

PHP Podcasts

php[podcast] AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Voices of the ElePHPant AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

PHPUgly AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

PHP Internals News AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

PHP Town Hall AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Laravel News Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Laravel Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Laravel Snippet AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Laracasts Snippet AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

SimplyPHP Unscripted AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Python Podcasts

The Real Python Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Profitable Python AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Python Podcast.__init__ AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Python Bytes AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Talk Python To Me AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Test & Code : Python Testing for Software Engineers AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Teaching Python AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Django AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Django Riffs AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Dev Root IT. Programming. Backend Python/Django Dev AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Java Podcasts

Java Pub House AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Coders Campus Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

A Bootiful Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Java Off-Heap AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Ruby Podcasts

Ruby Rogues AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Remote Ruby AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Ruby on Rails Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

My Ruby Story AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Rails with Jason AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

C# and .NET Podcasts

.NET Rocks AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Adventures in .NET AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The .NET Core Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Herding Code AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Channel 9 AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Go Podcasts

Go Time AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Kotlin Podcasts

Talking Kotlin AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Rust Podcasts

Rustacean Station AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Functional Podcasts

Elixir Wizards AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Thinking Elixir Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Elixir Talk AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Elixir Mix AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Elixir Outlaws AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Functional Geekery AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Reason Town AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Defn AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

ClojureScript Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The REPL AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

LambdaCast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Elm Town AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Database Podcasts

SQL Server Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The MongoDB Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Dear SQL DBA AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

DBAle AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Voiceofthedba’s Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Cloud and DevOps Podcasts

Serverless Chats AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Serverless Transformation AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Real World Serverless AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The New Stack Makers AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The POPCAST with Dan POP AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

CloudSkills.fm AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Cloud Cast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Cloud Architects Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Arrested DevOps AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

DevOps Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Ops Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Cloudonaut AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Day 2 Cloud AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Iron Sysadmin Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Screaming in the Cloud AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Semaphore Uncut AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Podlets AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Hashicast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Test and Release AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

DevOps Chat AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

AWS Podcasts

AWS Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

DevOps on AWS Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

AWS TechChat AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Microsoft Azure Podcasts

The Azure DevOps Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Azure Friday AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Azure Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Microsoft Cloud Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

MS Dev Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

RunAs Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

IBM Cloud Podcasts      

IBM Cloud Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Google Cloud Podcasts

Google Cloud Platform Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Kubernetes Podcasts

Kubernetes Podcast from Google AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Kube Cuddle AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

PodCTL AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Linux Podcasts

Destination Linux AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Going Linux AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Late Night Linux AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Linux Unplugged AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Ask Noah AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Linux Action News AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Sysadministrivia AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Syscast Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Ubuntu Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Choose Linux AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Open Source Podcasts

FLOSS Weekly AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Open Source Underdogs AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

BSD Now AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Hope in Source AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Maintainers Anonymous AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Testing Podcasts

The Testing Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Testing Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Software Testing Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

RBCS Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Quality Sense AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

AB Testing AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Quality Remarks AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

STP Radio AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The QA Lead Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

TestGuild Auomation Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

TestGuild Performance Testing and Site Reliability Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Guilty Tester AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Testing One-on-One AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Remote Work Podcasts

Distributed AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Running Remote AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

That Remote Life AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Building Remotely AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

DistantJob Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Yonder Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

21st Century Work Life and Leading Remote Teams AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Remote Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Inside Remote AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Remote Work Life Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Remote Hive Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Remote Works AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Remote Revolution AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Remote Working Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Human Behind the Screen AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Freelance Podcasts

Self-Made Web Designer AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Devslopes Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Consulting Pipeline Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Freelancer Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Josh Hall Web Design Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The John Morris Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Freelancers’ Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Freelance Developer AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

d.MBA AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Entreprogrammers Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Company of One AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Creative Class, a podcast for freelancers AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Freelance Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Freelance to Founder AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

seanwes podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Web Agency Podcasts

The Digital Agency Show AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Agency Trailblazer Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

The Creative Agency Podcast AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Agency Highway AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Smart Agency Masterclass AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

Build a Better Agency Podcas‪t‬ AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

I hope you found something useful to listen to.

Did I miss any? Tweet me @tuckertriggs or email me and let me know!

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