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16 Captivating Podcasts to Level up your Coding Skills

December 01, 2023  ⋄  4 min read

16 Captivating Podcasts to Level up your Coding Skills

    In today’s tech landscape, the need to constantly sharpen your coding skills and stay on top of new languages never stops. But, finding time to study amidst busy work and life demands can be a challenge.

    That’s where insightful learn-to-code podcasts come in. They transform routine moments like commuting or grabbing coffee into rewarding opportunities to expand your programming knowledge and abilities.

    We’ve assembled 16 captivating shows that make learning coding concepts, frameworks, and best practices enjoyable and engaging. These entertaining podcasts cover everything from foundational web development basics to boots-on-the-ground advice from seasoned developers.

    For those just starting, discover motivating stories and beginner-friendly guidance. Veterans can keep their skills razor-sharp through high-level discussions and tutorials on trending languages. And aspiring coders of all backgrounds will uncover what it takes to thrive in the field.

    Learn to Code with Me

    Created by Laurence Bradford, a front-end developer and instructor, this beginner-friendly Podcast covers web development concepts, technical interview prep, and launching a coding career. Engaging episode formats, like lessons and industry interviews, make learning approachable.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website

    The freeCodeCamp Podcast

    From HTML and JavaScript basics to data structures and algorithms, the freeCodeCamp Podcast has new coders covered. Hear directly from expert guests like conference speakers and authors.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website

    Command Line Heroes

    This highly produced Red Hat podcast dramatizes origin stories from the world of coding. Past episodes have explored topics like the rise of PHP, Perl, and open source before Linux.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website


    Structured as a seasonal "course," CodePrep episodes provide lessons on technical interview topics like data structures, system design, and algorithms. Ideal for prepping for the job hunt.

    Listen on: Spotify | Google | Website


    For insight into being a coder from industry pros, CodeNewbie is a must-listen. From imposter syndrome to community-building to landing jobs, hear relatable code life stories.

    Listen on: Apple | Google | Website

    Tech Jr

    Kids can learn coding basics like loops, variables, and conditionals through this Podcast's narrated adventures. Bite-sized episodes make it fun for young listeners.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website

    Second Career Devs

    For devs entering the field later in life, this Podcast addresses unique challenges faced when changing careers and learning to code. Get advice and encouragement.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website

    Learn to Code in One Month

    Cram interview readiness into your commute! This laser-focused Podcast from instructor Laurence Bradford provides tips and strategies for ramping up coding skills fast.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website

    Base. cs

    Dive deep into computer science foundations through Base.cs episodes like "Intro to Complexity Analysis" and "All About Recursion." Current students and professionals can learn.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website

    Tech Talk with Mo Sharif

    Mo Sharif's Podcast intermingles front-end, CMS, career, and interview episodes for a comprehensive look at the evolving world of web development and self-education.

    Listen on: Spotify | Google | Website

    The Chau Codes Podcast

    Connect with life as a programmer in the Philippines through Chau Tran's authentically personal Podcast. Topics span from GitHub to Imposter Syndrome and everything in between.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website

    Self-Taught or Not

    Join hosts Cory and Neil in their vulnerable conversations exploring the self-taught coding journey with guests and listeners. You're not alone on the path.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website

    Web Dev 101

    Catering to those new to development, Web Dev 101 covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, tools of the trade, and more development fundamentals across seasons.

    Listen on: Apple | Website


    This consistently well-produced Podcast invites listeners along the path to dev skills mastery. From technical walkthroughs to productivity tips, find actionable advice.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google

    Software Developer's Journey

    Get encouragement and wisdom around self-teaching coding, breaking in, preparedness, and career growth from John Sonmez and guests.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website

    Learn to Code

    Through valuable mini coding lessons and industry insights from Laurence Bradford, newbies gain a solid intro to building websites, acing interviews, and launching a career.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google


    Detailed how-to episodes guide beginners through foundational web languages like HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, and Node.js. Follow along while building projects.

    Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Google | Website

    In conclusion, podcasts have proven to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their coding skills. The 16 captivating podcasts highlighted in this list offer diverse topics, insights, and expert perspectives that can genuinely help programmers at all levels of expertise. Whether you're seeking to stay updated on the latest industry trends, learn new programming languages, or gain inspiration from the experiences of others, these podcasts provide an accessible and engaging way to level up your coding skills. So, grab your headphones and start tuning in to take your coding journey to the next level!