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Mac Apps to Boost Productivity

November 23, 2018  ⋄  Last updated Jan 11, 2020  ⋄  2 min read

If you spend a lot of time on the computer, it is essential to find efficient ways of getting around. Over time even small improvements compound into serious time savings. Below are some of my favorite Mac apps for increasing productivity:

Alfred — Alfred is a powerful tool on Mac that performs an incredibly intuitive search of anything on your computer. It is basically as though Spotlight Search gained superpowers… and a lot of additional features. Some of the best are workflows, text expansion, and clipboard history. (basic version free, pro version $45).

Swish — Swish is an amazing app that enables window management with gestures. It is very intuitive and will save you a ton of time moving windows around your screen. (€5).

Magnet — Magnet is a Mac app that makes it much easier to keep your windows organized by snapping windows into place. It is set up with common-sense keyboard shortcuts from the get-go. This takes a lot of frustration out of using multiple programs on your Mac and after you get used to it it’s impossible to go back. (a steal at $0.99).

TypeIt4Me — Easy to use text-expansion software that will save you from typing out the same text over and over. Instead, define a shortcut and the text fills automatically. ($19.99 USD).

Karabiner — Karabiner is a powerful keyboard customizer. Its killer feature, in my opinion, is the ability to remap caps lock to command+control+option+shift. This opens up caps lock to for new keyboard shortcuts in the same way you might use any other modifier keys. (free).

Popclip — PopClip is a simple app that appears when you select text with your mouse on your Mac. The app will pop up customized options for what to do with the text; speeding up copy, paste, search, and 100+ other possibilities. (free trial, then $9.99),

CheatSheet — Hold the ⌘-Key to get a list of all active shortcuts in the current application. Super simple and great for learning new keyboard shortcuts. (free).