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30+ Github Repos for JavaScript Developers

August 14, 2020  ⋄  3 min read

As the world’s largest platform for open source collaboration, Github is the perfect place for developers to work together on resources related to JavaScript. A quick search will yield JavaScript cheatsheets, interview questions, algorithms and data structures, best practices, learning paths, and even full open-source books. These repositories can also be a great place to make a first open-source contribution.

‘Awesome’ JavaScript Lists

  • Awesome JavaScript — A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things by user SorryCC.
  • Awesome JavaScript — An extensive JavaScript collection from user Iwanjunaid.
  • Awesome React — A collection of useful items from the React ecosystem.
  • Awesome Node.js — The best Node.js modules and resources.
  • Awesome NPM — Tips, packages, community, and docs for the Node package manager.
  • Awesome Deno — A collection of the best Deno modules and resources.
  • Aweseome Test Automation Resources — A curated list of JavaScript test automation frameworks, tools, and libraries.


  • You Don’t Know JS — This is a series of books by Kyle Simpson diving deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language.
  • Functional Light JavaScript — An advanced look at functional programming with JavaScript.
  • The JavaScript Way — A useful companion for anyone wishing to (re)discover the many facets of JavaScript.
  • ES6 for Humans — A straightforward guide covering ES6 syntax.

Interview Questions

Algorithms and Data Structures

JavaScript Resources

Learn JavaScript