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12 Free Tools to Take Control of Website Uptime and Performance

September 08, 2023  ⋄  4 min read

12 Free Tools to Take Control of Website Uptime and Performance

In digital experiences, the consequences of a website outage extend far beyond a mere inconvenience. Errors and crashes on your website can swiftly erode the hard-earned trust your brand has meticulously cultivated.

Any website glitch or performance issue can significantly impact a brand's reputation and customer perception.

This is because the quality of a website's performance is often seen as a reflection of a brand's commitment to excellence. Therefore, ensuring that your website runs smoothly and efficiently is essential to provide a positive and seamless user experience.

Keeping your website running smoothly becomes apparent when you consider how users expect a good experience and how it affects people's thoughts about your brand.

You need to know the instant performance dips before customers get frustrated. However, comprehensive monitoring often comes with a high price tag.

What if you could get robust oversight and instant insights for free?

Good news! Plenty of powerful tools now offer free website and uptime monitoring plans. You can take control of your website’s performance without taking a toll on your budget.

We've compiled the top 12 free options to help you delight visitors and dodge disaster. With the correct monitor, you’ll sleep easier knowing your site's in good hands.

Arm yourself with what you need to:

●        Get instant notifications when your site goes down.

●        Maintain blazing-fast speeds around the clock.

●        Have a finger on the pulse of key performance metrics.

●        Proactively find and fix errors before customers notice.

Don’t settle for lacklustre insights and risk reputational damage. These 12 free tools provide the oversight you need to impress visitors and keep your website in flawless form.

Monitor with confidence, detect issues early, and create experiences your customers rave about with these capable free solutions:

UptimeRobot: Robust Free Monitoring

With UptimeRobot, you’ll get 50 monitors, 5-minute checks around the clock, and unlimited alert channels when trouble strikes. Stay on top of response times, HTTP/HTTPS status, and more. For complete confidence, upgrade to track more endpoints with premium power.

Uptime Robot: Free Monitoring

Better Uptime: Simple Yet Powerful

Better Uptime delivers rock-solid monitoring in a beautifully simple package. Ten monitors with speedy 3-minute checks and instant notifications keep you covered. With 5 free status pages and precise reports, you have what you need to know when issues emerge.

Better Uptime

Freshworks: Seamless Integration

Freshworks neatly integrates uptime data into a unified monitoring suite. Track 50 URLs for free with automatic checks every 5 minutes. Email and SMS alerts keep you in the know. Upgrade to a premium plan for easy centralized access to all your performance data.


SiteUptime: Flexible Notifications

SiteUptime’s free plan monitors one important URL with checks every 15 minutes. Instant notifications reach you via whatever channel you prefer – email, SMS, Slack, and more. For tracking additional endpoints, affordable premium plans fit the bill.


Montastic: Feature-Packed Free Option

Montastic stands out by offering robust capabilities at no cost. Check nine URLs every 30 minutes and rally your team with status pages, maintenance scheduling, uptime badges, and more. Get notifications via email, SMS, or webhooks when performance dips.

Montastic Free Monitoring

Monitor Buddy: Easy Basic Monitoring

Monitor Buddy delivers easy monitoring for checks of up to five URLs. Configure 5-minute interval monitoring and receive email notifications if your site goes down.

Monitor Buddy

Netumo: Entry-Level Insights

Netumo’s free plan allows daily checks on one website from one location. Stay in the know with email notifications when issues emerge. For more robust monitoring and reporting, premium tiers provide greater insight into performance.


HetrixTools: Checks Around the Clock

With HetrixTools, get automated monitoring of 15 vital endpoints. Set the frequency for checks ranging from every minute to daily, and receive alerts your way when uptime takes a hit. With instant insight into performance, you can delight visitors.


Cronitor: Automated Alerts

Cronitor makes it simple to integrate uptime tracking into your workflows. The free plan allows 5-minute checks on 5 monitors with instant Slack, email, or webhook notifications. Automate monitoring and stay on top of issues from the start.

Checkly: Free API + Web Tracking

Checkly goes beyond basic uptime monitoring, focusing on API and web performance. Run 10K API or 1.5K browser checks each month for free. Your team will know the instant your API slows or the site crashes.


WebGazer: Simple Uptime Insights

For straightforward website monitoring, WebGazer delivers simple 5-minute checks on one URL. Receive email alerts of any downtime detected. Affordable premium plans add SMS notifications, multiple checks, and historical reporting.



New Relic: Powerful Performance Monitoring

New Relic offers robust capabilities for free. Ingest 100GB of monthly data to monitor availability, real user experiences, errors, and more across your entire technology stack. Upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited access to their industry-leading performance insights.

New Relic

These 12 free tools provide the oversight you need to delight customers with speed and reliability and empower you to optimize your website and enhance overall customer satisfaction.