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Best Chrome Extensions For CSS: Inspect and Edit CSS

September 29, 2023  ⋄  3 min read

Best Chrome Extensions For CSS: Inspect and Edit CSS

Are you a web developer or designer who often finds inspecting and editing CSS code in Google Chrome challenging? If so, you'll be excited to know that several Chrome extensions make this complex process more efficient and easier for you.

These handy tools can be a game-changer in your workflow, simplifying the task of fine-tuning the style and layout of your web projects.

Whether you're working on a personal website, collaborating on a client's project, or just curious how a particular website achieved its stunning design, these Chrome CSS extensions help you decode and modify CSS easily.

With these extensions at just a click away, you'll be well-equipped to handle CSS like a pro, enhancing your productivity and the quality of your web creations.

So, let's dive into this arsenal of Chrome CSS extensions and unlock a world of possibilities for your web development and design endeavours.

Here, we'll look at these best Chrome CSS extensions that can help you quickly inspect and edit CSS codes.


Stylebot empowers you to take control of website styling effortlessly. You can modify a site's appearance by adjusting fonts, colours, and layout in real time.

Moreover, you can save your custom CSS rules for specific websites, ensuring your preferred styles persist whenever you visit.

CSS Peeper

Dive deep into web design with CSS Peeper. It's a handy tool that inspects and extracts CSS and assets from any web page.

From colour palettes to typography, this extension lets you dissect and learn from the design choices of your favourite websites.


Choosing the perfect font for your web project is now a breeze. FontsNinja helps you identify fonts on web pages and provides detailed information.

You can even test them out in your projects, making typography decisions a piece of cake.


If you're new to CSS or looking for a user-friendly CSS editor, EazyCSS is your go-to extension. It simplifies CSS inspection and editing, making it easy to tweak web designs without the complexity of a full-fledged developer tool.


Debugging and improving website interactions is a breeze with Hoverify. This extension reveals the underlying CSS properties that control how elements respond to user interactions like hovering.

It's an indispensable tool for anyone focused on user experience and web functionality.

CSS Scan

CSS Scan is a time-saver for web developers and designers. It lets you scan a web page and quickly extract crucial CSS data.

This helps you understand the styling choices behind any website and aids in replicating or learning from those styles.

Unstack Style Guide

Maintaining consistency in web design is crucial, and the Unstack Style Guide extension helps you achieve just that.

It provides a structured framework for creating and adhering to a unified style guide, ensuring that your web projects maintain a polished and professional look.


In conclusion, these Chrome CSS extensions can make your web development and design process more efficient.

Each extension has its features and functionalities, so it's worth exploring them to find the ones that work best for you. By using these tools, you can make inspecting and editing CSS codes in Google Chrome simpler and more enjoyable.