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Chrome Extensions to Detect Website Technologies

September 15, 2023  ⋄  3 min read

Chrome Extensions to Detect Website Technologies

In the vast landscape of the internet, websites are modern-day masterpieces woven together by a tapestry of technologies.

Have you ever wondered what tools and frameworks lie beneath the surface of your favourite websites?

The mystery of a website's tech stack is no longer confined to developers alone. Thanks to the power of Chrome extensions, you, too, can be a tech detective, peering into the intricate layers that form the foundation of the web.

Chrome Extensions to identify technologies a website is using

Webspotter: The Ultimate Website Analysis

As you traverse the digital realm, Webspotter comes to your aid, offering a comprehensive analysis of the websites you encounter.

Whether it's the content management system, marketing tools, or widgets, Webspotter deciphers the code and gives you a holistic view of a website's technological marvels.

SimilarTech Prospecting: Uncover Hidden Gems

SimilarTech Prospecting is your trusted guide to discovering the unseen facets of websites. A single click reveals the technologies underpinning a website's architecture.

This extension grants you a backstage pass to the digital wonders that power the online world, from eCommerce platforms to analytics tools.

Web Technology Checker by Snov.io: Tech Insight at Your Fingertips

Web Technology Checker by Snov.io gives you real-time insights into a website's technological makeup.

Seamlessly integrating with your browsing experience, this extension showcases the languages, libraries, and plugins that bring a website to life. Curiosity meets convenience right in your browser.

IsItWP: WordPress Magic Unveiled

Have you ever wondered if the WordPress magic powers a website? IsItWP specializes in precisely that.

A single click reveals whether a website is built on WordPress, allowing you to understand the backbone of countless online wonders.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler: A Glimpse into the Future

BuiltWith Technology Profiler is your time machine for the future of web technologies.

This extension goes beyond the present, offering insights into upcoming trends, frameworks, and tools.

Unleash your inner visionary as you explore the cutting-edge tech that shapes the online landscape.

WhatRuns: Illuminate the Digital Palette

If technology is the backbone, design is the soul of a website. WhatRuns, the extension that fits right into your browser, illuminates a website's design, functionality, and tools. I

t's your lens to spotting fonts, colours, and more that contribute to a website's visual allure.

Wappalyzer: Unveil the Tech Orchestra

In the symphony of web development, Wappalyzer is your conductor, revealing the orchestra of technologies in play.

From CMS and programming languages to analytics and e-commerce platforms, Wappalyzer takes you through the digital symphony, breaking down each note for your understanding.


As you traverse the vast expanse of the internet, armed with these Chrome extensions, you become an explorer, delving into the heart of digital creation.

Whether you're a curious user, an aspiring developer, or intrigued by the ever-evolving tech realm, these extensions empower you to decode the digital enigma.

You uncover the tools and frameworks that shape the online world with every click, demystifying the magic and making technology more accessible.

Step into the world of Chrome extensions, and let the adventure begin – because behind every website lies a captivating tale of technology!