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Best Resources for Understanding Remote Work

September 3, 2019  ⋄  3 min read

Remote work has been taking off in the last decade, driven by collaboration tools and far-reaching internet that make it possible to work together from anywhere. Many employees and employers find this to be a preferable way of working.

If you are considering going remote or managing your team remotely, I encourage you to get informed about the latest trends and resources available to you.


  • FlexJobs Blog — A rich resource for people interested in any type of flexible work. Their blog is updated frequently with tips and information for remote professionals.
  • Remote.co Blog — Consistently good advice for freelancers and remote job seekers. The site also features a company Q&A which interviews leading remote companies about hiring, managing, and advice on how to succeed remotely.
  • We Work Remotely Blog — A well-curated blog with all things remote-work related.
  • Virtual Vocations Blog — Tips and tricks for effective remote workers.
  • Moonlight Remote Work Encyclopedia — Tactical advice and resources for distributed workers.


  • The Yonder Podcast — Yonder is for people looking to make their remote teams operate more smoothly or to understand how others are innovating in this new space. The interviews are wide-ranging and you can find insights about successful remote teams.
  • Distributed — A new podcast with Matt Mullenweg, the leader of Automattic (the company behind WordPress). Automattic is a leader in the remote space, with over 900 fully-remote employees.
  • Running Remote — Running Remote shines light into the minds and methods currently behind remote organizations.
  • The Remote Show — The Remote Show finds and interviews some of the most influential CEOs and thinkers in the remote space.

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