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Exploring the WordPress Universe: Must-Listen Podcasts

July 21, 2023  ⋄  6 min read

Exploring the WordPress Universe: Must-Listen Podcasts

    Are you a WordPress enthusiast, developer, or website owner looking for valuable insights, tips, and the latest updates on everything WordPress? Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your WordPress journey, podcasts are a fantastic way to stay informed, inspired, and entertained. In this blog post, we've compiled a list of WordPress podcasts that cover a wide range of topics related to this popular content management system. There's something for everyone, from business and development to design and security. So, plug in your earphones, grab your favourite beverage, and let's dive into the world of WordPress podcasts!

    Dev Branch

    "Dev Branch" is a podcast that delves deep into WordPress development. Hosted by the team at Pragmatic, it offers valuable insights and discussions about WordPress code, development best practices, and more.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyWeb

    Pricing WordPress

    "Pricing WordPress" is a podcast focused on helping WordPress professionals price their services effectively. Hosted by pricing expert Kristin Ingram, it's a valuable resource for freelancers and agencies.

    Listen on: SpotifyWeb

    Women in WP

    "Women in WP" celebrates the contributions of women in the WordPress community. Hosted by Amy Masson, Tracy Apps, and Angela Bowman, it features interviews with inspiring women who share their experiences and expertise.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    The #PressForward Podcast

    "The #PressForward Podcast" explores the intersection of WordPress, marketing, and business growth. Michele Butcher-Jones and Angie Meeker host it and provide tips for WordPress professionals.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    Smart Web Creators

    "Smart Web Creators" is about helping you create more brilliant websites using WordPress. Hosted by Nirav Mehta, it features interviews with web creators and experts sharing their insights.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    WPMRR WordPress Podcast

    "WPMRR WordPress Podcast" is dedicated to helping you grow your WordPress maintenance and support business. Hosted by Joe Howard, it's packed with actionable advice and strategies.

    Listen on: AppleGoogleWeb

    WP Elevation WordPress Business Podcast

    "WP Elevation WordPress Business Podcast" is your go-to resource for building a successful WordPress consulting business. Hosted by Troy Dean, it features interviews and business insights.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    Matt Report - A WordPress Podcast for Digital Business Owners

    "Matt Report" is a WordPress podcast for digital business owners. Hosted by Matt Medeiros, it covers a wide range of topics, including WordPress, business, marketing, and more.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    Kitchen Sink WordPress

    "Kitchen Sink WordPress" is your weekly dose of WordPress inspiration and knowledge. Hosted by Adam Silver, it covers everything from design and development to business and marketing.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    WordPress Resource: Your Website Engineer with Dustin Hartzler

    "Your Website Engineer" with Dustin Hartzler is a valuable resource for WordPress website owners and developers. It offers tutorials, tips, and updates to enhance your WordPress skills.

    Listen on: AppleGoogleWeb

    WordPress | Post Status Draft Podcast

    The "Post Status Draft Podcast" by Post Status covers the latest news, updates, and discussions about WordPress. Hosted by Brian Krogsgard, it's a must-listen for WordPress enthusiasts.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    WP the Podcast

    "WP the Podcast" explores various aspects of WordPress, including development, design, and business. Hosted by David Blackmon and Tim Strifler, it offers a well-rounded perspective on WordPress.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb


    "WPwatercooler" is a WordPress roundtable discussion podcast that covers a wide range of WordPress-related topics. Hosted by Jason Tucker, it's a great way to stay informed about the latest in WordPress.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    WP Builds

    "WP Builds" is your source for the latest WordPress news, plugins, and themes. Hosted by Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley, it's a valuable resource for WordPress enthusiasts and professionals.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    Press This

    "Press This" is the official podcast of the WordPress community. Hosted by David Vogelpohl, it covers WordPress news, trends, and interviews with industry experts.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    BlogAid WordPress Tips Tuesday

    "BlogAid WordPress Tips Tuesday" is a weekly podcast that provides essential tips and tutorials for WordPress users. Hosted by MaAnna Stephenson, it's a valuable resource for WordPress site owners.

    Listen on: Apples • GoogleWeb

    Brian on WP - A WordPress Podcast

    "Brian on WP" is a podcast that covers a wide range of WordPress-related topics, including development, design, and more. Hosted by Brian Krogsgard, it offers valuable insights and discussions.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    Do the Woo

    "Do the Woo" is a podcast dedicated to WooCommerce, the popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. Hosted by BobWP, it offers insights, tips, and interviews related to WooCommerce development.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    Elementor Talks

    "Elementor Talks" is the official podcast of Elementor, a popular WordPress page builder. This podcast, hosted by Ben Pines, explores web design, development, and digital marketing topics related to Elementor and WordPress.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    LMScast with Chris Badgett

    "LMScast with Chris Badgett" focuses on learning management systems (LMS) and online course creation with WordPress. Hosted by Chris Badgett, it's a valuable resource for educators and WordPress enthusiasts.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    The WordPress Photography Podcast

    "The WordPress Photography Podcast" is a must-listener for photographers who use WordPress to showcase their work. Hosted by Scott Wyden Kivowitz, it offers WordPress tips and photography-related insights.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    Think Like a Hacker with Wordfence

    "Think Like a Hacker with Wordfence" explores WordPress security and how to protect your WordPress websites from cyber threats. Hosted by Mark Maunder, it's essential for anyone concerned about website security.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    WordPress for SMEs and High-Scale Platforms

    "WordPress for SMEs and High-Scale Platforms" is a podcast that discusses how small to medium-sized enterprises can leverage WordPress for their online presence. Hosted by Mario Peshev, it provides valuable insights for business owners.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    WordPress Plugins from A to Z

    "WordPress Plugins from A to Z" is a podcast that reviews and showcases various WordPress plugins. Hosted by John Overall, it's a great way to discover useful plugins for your WordPress site.

    Listen on: AppleGoogleWeb

    WordPress Web Development

    "WordPress Web Development" is a podcast focused on web development using WordPress. Hosted by Tim Carr, it covers topics related to WordPress development techniques and best practices.

    Listen on: GoogleWeb

    WP Wednesday Podcast

    "WP Wednesday Podcast" is a weekly show that provides WordPress tips, tricks, and news. Hosted by David Blackmon and Tim Strifler, it's a great way to stay updated on the latest in the WordPress world.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    WP-Tonic Show A WordPress Podcast

    The "WP-Tonic Show" podcast covers many WordPress topics, from development and design to business and marketing. Hosted by Jonathan Denwood, it offers insights and discussions to help you navigate the WordPress ecosystem.

    Listen on: AppleSpotifyGoogleWeb

    Whether you're a WordPress developer, designer, business owner, or simply someone interested in the world of WordPress, these podcasts have something valuable to offer. Be sure to check them out on your preferred podcast platform and stay connected with the latest in the WordPress community. Happy listening!